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October 2013 Blog

Camp Bournedale - Grade 6
September 30 - October 4, 2013 

Lobster Tails
Students traveled to Plymouth, MA and went on a lobster boat.  They had the opportunity to pull up a few lobster traps to see what was caught.  As you view the pictures below, you will see the many different sea creatures that were caught.  This was an amazing hands on learning experience for the grade 6 class. 

Recreation Time
Students have the opportunity to have some down time and choose acitivities that they would like to do with friends.  This may be choosing a game, playing a sport, drawing, reading, or playing beach volleyball. 

Students learn how to work together as a team to catch a friend.  The person running puts their trust in the entire team.   Verbal communication, planning, practicing, and working together all are needed for this adventure to be successful. 

Hockey at Camp Bourndale

Camp Fire at Camp Bournedale - SMORES 

Rocketry - Camp Bournedale 

Wild Life Fishery - Canal Study - Camp Bournedale 

Coastal Ecology - Camp Bournedale 

Benjamin Franklin Visits Grade 3
Grade 3 students had a visit from Benjamin Franklin.  His life was reenacted from a small boy until adulthood.  Students saw the timeline of his life unfold before their eyes.  Benjamin Franklin is a famous American who all third grade students learn about when studying the state of Massachuetts. 

Freeman-Kennedy Students and Staff
A school wide mosaic was created by the students in our school.  Each student drew a self-portrait.  This is displayed on a bulletin board in the hallway near door # 2.  

Mrs. Tucceri's class spent a beautiful day in Boston walking along the Freedom Trail.

Mrs. Horton's Class on the Walking Tour Field Trip 
Did you notice that Paul Revere has on a Red Sox shirt and a beard?

Mrs. Grout's class on the Freedom Trail.  

Grade 5 Students in Mrs. Grout's & Mrs. Horton's Classes
Students are using technology for the explorer intranet project.

Mrs. Grout and Mrs. Horton's Classes 
Technology and Engineering Exploration

Grade 3 Bucket Filling
Mrs. Moore's class is practicing bucket filling.

Get to Know You Lunch Bunches for 3rd Graders!
Mrs. McFadden's Class

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Altham-Hickey :)

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