Friday, October 26, 2012

October 15-26, 2012

Grade 3 students had a visit from Benjamin Franklin.  His life was reenacted from a small boy until adulthood.  Students saw the timeline of his life unfold before their eyes.  As a young boy Ben Franklin was an apprentice printer helping his brother start the first "newspaper" in Boston.  He then fled to Philadelphia to find work as a printer.  Benjamin's life in Philadelphia soared.  He bought a newspaper called the Pennsylvania Gazette.  Benjamin became very interested in science, experiments, and electricity.  This led to many exciting things that we are thankful to have in our own homes today.  Benjamin Franklin is a famous American who all third grade students learn about when studying the state of Massachusetts.  

Ms. Lassey, the School Adjustment Counselor at Freeman-Kennedy School visits Mrs. Trombert's grade 3 classroom.  She read the book "How Full is your Bucket?"by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer.  This book explains how each person in your life that you encounter has an effect on you.  Ms. Lassey's teaches students to recognize others for the kind things they may do or say to peers/adults. The lesson concluded with half the class receiving buckets and the rest of the class filling their peers buckets with  positive comments. The groups then switched so every student had a chance to practice filling each other buckets. Students in grades 3 and 4 will have the chance to recognize one another for kind acts towards one another with our Bucket Filler of the Week program starting next week.

Norfolk's Bicentennial Quilt
We are delighted to have the Norfolk Bicentennial quilt displayed in the new Freeman-Kennedy School.  The quilt and case have been preserved and it looks amazing next to the library media center.  There is a lot of history imbedded in this quilt for students to learn.

Grade 5 Field Trip
Boston Freedom Trails -Walking Tours
Each grade 5 classroom walked along the Freedom Trail which led them to 16 historical sites.  They were able to discover the American Revolution by seeing, listening, and walking to famous sites.
Mrs. O'Toole's class in in front of Paul Revere. 
It looks like they are dressed for the occasion!

Grade 3 Students Get An Overview of the Presidential
 Election Process
by: Shawn Dooley, Town Clerk 
Mr. Dooley gave an overview of the electoral process and how our president is elected. He also talked about the US Senate campaign and other local elections. The 3rd graders are quite excited that they will have the oppurtunity to form campaigns in order to choose a new Norfolk dog license for 2013.

 All students at Freeman-Kennedy School partipated in Open Circle lessons which were framed around the respect for "Characater Counts!" week. Our week ended with all students wearing the color yellow which is a symbol of the golden rule and respect.  We announced the results of the RESPECT acrostic poem on Friday.
 Students from Miss Binette's wearing yellow for respect.
 Sixth grade students wearing yellow to represent the Golden Rule during RESPECT week.
Mrs. Lavallee with students from Mrs. Johnston's class during library showing off their yellow.
 Jane is showing off her school spirit with her yellow attire.
 Students from Mrs. Klassman's class completed drawings about different forms of respect throughout school.

Camp Bournedale

October 15-19, 2012

The entire sixth grade class traveled down to Plymouth, MA for a week long trip at Camp Bournedale.  Students participated in many hands on learning activities correlated to the curriculum they are taught at school.  Beyond the classroom activities, students made new friends, sang at Karaoke, lined danced, slept in cabins, and had the opportunity to play floor hockey, soccer, etc...  This trip would not be made possible without the help of our teachers, parents, grandparents, and colleagues at Camp Bournedale.  I thank everyone for making this trip possible.  The students will talk about this trip for the rest of their lives!  Below you will find a slide show of the many activities students participated in throughout the week.

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 1-12, 2012

Welcome to the Freeman-Kennedy blog.  
Students and staff are engaging in many educational opportunities.  

Grade 5 students in Mrs. Horton's and Mrs. Grout's classes had the opportunity to watch a virtual live webinar with author J.K.Rowling live from Edinburgh, Scotland. Harry Potter books have been popular among children and adults for many years, all over the world.  J.K.Rowling read out loud from her first book "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone." She recently launched a new website called POTTERMORE.  This website allows people, young and old, to take a new adventure into her books.  Mrs. Horton's and Mrs. Grout's classes will be taking some time to explore this new website.  We can't wait to hear more about their adventure on this amazing new site.

Grade 5 students are exited to watch author J.K. Rowling live from Edinburgh!

 Grade 3 students have created "Friendship Faces" in art class.  All the "students" are happy and sticking together!  The detail of each person along the fence is amazing!

Students in grade 5 are discovering that the weight of a solid ice cube and a liquid ice cube weighs the same! 

Megan Connor and Rachel Palumbo are members of the King Philip High School DECA program who came to Freeman-Kennedy School to share the community service program they are running, called "KPCares".  KPCares will focus on sending letters, illustrations, and packages to men and women who are currently deployed overseas.  The purpose of their visit was to involve all the Freeman-Kennedy students in community service learning.  We hope all students in our school will participate and write a letter or illustrate a picture for someone in the military!  We are very thankful to Megan and Rachel for their continuous  involvement in community service learning!  We hope these letters will bring huge smiles to everyone overseas!

Thanks for reading the Freeman-Kennedy blog.  Stay tuned for the next blog on October 26, 2012.

   Sincerely, Mrs. Altham-Hickey