Friday, December 14, 2012

December 3-14, 2012

A Season of Giving
Happy Holidays to parents and students at the Freeman-Kennedy School. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the "Season of Giving."  All of your generous donations will bring huge smiles to many families within our community.  As we all continue to prepare for the upcoming holiday it is important to reflect on what makes this season so special and what each of us are thankful in our lives.  I am very thankful for the wonderful staff and students that fills our new school every day.  I am also thankful for the parents that support us in numerous ways to keep our school filled with enriching opportunities that connect to curriculum.  As a school community we are very grateful to the town of Norfolk for making education a priority.  We love our new school!

I wish everyone a joyous holiday season with family and friends. There are many traditions that make the holidays special.  May your family traditions create lasting memories that are filled with laughter and joy.  I wish everyone a happy healthy New Year!

Students in Mr. Fouracre's advanced band practice for the upcoming winter concerts!  There morning lessons as an entire band coupled with their lessons during the day certainly demonstrate the unique talent each player has developed.  We look forward to hearing them play soon!

  Demolition of the 
Freeman-Centennial School
It is hard to believe that the demolition of the old Freeman-Centennial School is in its final days! The memories we have will last an eternity!

Grade 5 Students Climb the 
New Rock Wall
Students in Mrs. William's homeroom had the opportunity to use the rock climbing wall in Mrs. Pereria's gym class.  As you can see there is a lot of strategy, endurance, strengthening, and planning that goes into the activity. 

Science Inquiry in Fifth Grade
 Students are determining which objects are transparent, translucent, and opaque.  

Students are studying refraction with light and different substances.

    Students are studying refraction with prisms and a flashlight. 

    Students are working in teams on an activity!

Bucket Fillers of The Week
Lindsey B. (Mrs. Klassman's class) for helping a student with his words. She is helpful and kind to students.
John C. (Mrs. Pericles' class) for complimenting another boy on his great football passes during recess.
Olivia (Mrs. Moore's class) Olivia asked me to play with her on the playground.
Danny M. (Mrs. Klassman's Class) a friend was coughing and Danny made sure to check and see if the student was O.K., Danny was caring. 
Abby (Mrs. Moore's class) She asked another student if she would like to play with her at recess who seemed to be by herself. 
Emily (Mrs. Pericles' class) played outside with another student who had an injured ankle.
Eli R. (Mrs. Pericles' class) sat with another student at lunch that was by himself and shared his crayons with another student in the classroom.  

Max. N (Mrs. McFadden's class) helped another student with a math paper that he didn't understand.
Suzie S. (Mrs. McFadden's class) included another student in a game of tag at recess.
Sean M. (Mrs. McFadden's class) played with another student at recess who didn't have anyone to play with.

Guest Readers
Mrs. Lavallee had several guest readers in the library over the past few weeks.
 Mrs. Linde is reading Andrew Clement's Above Average to Mrs. Michenzie's class.
 Jed Palmer, a former student, came back to FK as part of his community service project at Tri-County Vocational-Technical High School because "library was always his favorite special." He read Above Average by Andrew Clement to Mrs. Johnston's class.
Mrs. Fitch read Third Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli to Mrs. McFadden's class.

Energyville by NStar
The 3rd grade students recently attended Energyville where they learned how to conserve energy both at home and school. This program supports our green school initiative. The children really enjoyed playing the interactive game within the lesson.