Wednesday, November 26, 2014

October & November at Freeman-Kennedy School

Mrs. Leidner turned into 
Miss Viola Swamp for Halloween!

Mrs. Trombert's class created 
spooky dioramas!

 Mrs. Klassman's class wrote descriptive 
words about their creative pumpkins!

  Mrs. McFadden's class is using modge podge
 for a Halloween activity.

Grade 3 learns about 
Native American Perspectives
Sponsored by: TPA

Grade 3 Science
Mrs. Trombert's and Mrs. McFadden's classes explore and record data on crayfish!

 Mr. Brogan and Mr. Murray's classes created
"DEAD Words" they will not use in their writing!

Ms. Moore's Class travels to Boston 
to walk the Freedom Trail.

 Mrs. Bosh's Class dresses in pink for 
breast cancer awareness month in October!

The Power of One
Cyberbullying Prevention Assembly 
for grades 3-6
Sponsored by: TPA

Grade 4 students create skeletons 
by writing their names in cursive! 

 Grade 3 students create water resist
 spider webs! 

 Grades 3 - print making fall trees 
with fingerprint leaves. 

Grade 4 students use leaf printing on water 
resist textured backgrounds. 

The Freeman-Kennedy workshop has begun! Students are getting ceramic treasure ready to bring home for the winter holiday vacation! They are looking amazing! 

Grade 5 creates leaf reliefs
 on painted textured backgrounds. 

Grade 5 creates WANTED Posters! 

Grade 6 creates self portraits 
using a grid method!

Grade 3 creates "SELFIES" 
on exactly where they want to be!

Grade 4 creates shattered glass self portraits!   

Mrs. Grout's class is holding 
ceramic creations!  

Mrs. Grout's class creates vocabulary hats!  

Mrs. Horton's class creates vocabulary hats! 

Veterans Day Assembly at
 Freeman-Kennedy School

Reinforcing our school code of conduct!

Happy Thanksgiving to all students and families at Freeman-Kennedy School! Enjoy your time with family and friends.
Mrs. Altham-Hickey