Friday, February 1, 2013

January 14 - February 1, 2013

Science Investigations in Ms. Binette's 4th grade class

Andrew and his peers are taking apart their mock rock during science.

Callie and Mitch using static electricity to study attraction during the Edison Workshop.

Students are exploring electricity!

 Building Circuits!

Aidan and Payton successfully lighting a lightbulb during the Edison Workshop.

Emily and Evan are creating a circuit to light a lightbulb during the Edison Workshop.

Mr. Fouracre's Advanced Band Concert
January 17, 2013 

Percussion Section - Back and Forth

Anthony C. plays a solo - One Man Band

Jack M. plays a solo - Forte, Piano, Forte

 Tristan S. plays a solo - It's a Small World

  Madison P. plays a solo - A Lullaby for an Angel

Kate C., Emily M. and Katherine C. play Serenede

The flute section plays - A Song of Thanksgiving 

   Michael O. plays a solo - The Pink Panther

Sarah M. and Ali B. play a duet - French Tune

Amber S. plays a solo - Call Me Maybe

The flute section plays - A Song of Thanksgiving 

Bucket Fillers

Week of: January 18th and 25th, 2013

Jason P. in Mrs. Klassman's class gave someone a compliment when they really needed one. 
Danny M. in Mrs. Klassman's class went over and sat with another student that was by them self at lunch.
Luke Y. in Mrs. Klassman's class gave a compliment to a friend by saying, "You did awesome!"
Grace C. in Mrs. Klassman's class is a true leader in the classroom and is very kind to everyone!
Jamie G. in Mrs. Klassman's class shared her snack with a friend. (Teacher gave permission.)
Olivia in Mrs. Moore's class gave a compliment to a group's biography poster. 

Christian C. in Mr. Brogan's class walks with a fellow student to another classroom regularly.
Charlie G. in Mrs. McFadden's class helped a friend understand a problem and gave an example.
Max in Mrs. McFadden's class let a friend borrow his gloves so his hands wouldn't freeze.
Carson M. in Mrs. Pericles's class helped me get the felt back on my chair when it fell off.
Jaclyn A. in Mr. Murray's class helped a friend when something was knocked down to the floor.
Brooke M. in Mrs. Trombert's class always reminds Mrs. Trombert to send my bucket filler slips to Ms. Lassey. 
Suzie S. in Mrs. McFadden's class shared her book with a classmate during read aloud when her book was missing.
Olivia L. in Mrs. Klassman's class complimented a student by saying, "That was a great observation you made during social studies."

Week of: February 1, 2013

Tirhake B. in Mr. Murray's class helps pick up pencils, erasers, and other things near my desk.
Julia L. in Mrs. Longobardi's class shared some of her snack with me because I didn't have one. 
John M. in Mrs. Klassman's class was very encouraging after a touchdown during football at recess.
Meg S. in Mrs. McFadden's class let me play with her at recess.
Lorenzo M. in Mrs. Klassman's class helped another student in the cafeteria.
Evie S. in Mrs. Trombert's class includes me in games at recess.
Zachary N. in Mrs. Trombert's class helped me clean up water that spilled.
Maggie D. in Mrs. Pericles class is always nice to people and never says no to playing with anybody.

Mrs. Teague's Class Made Holiday Cards for the Senior Center!


Mrs. Fonte's and Mrs. Tucceri's Classrooms
Learning Centers in Action

 Science Experiments
Mrs. McFadden and Mrs. Trombert's Class

Investigating Sound 

Hands on Math in  Mrs. McFadden's and Mrs. Trombert's Classroom 

Student's are practicing division facts with Go Math! Division Cover-Up games.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Altham-Hickey