Friday, February 13, 2015

January & February 2015

King Philip Basketball Team Visits Freeman-Kennedy School
January 12, 2015 

KP basketball players read to Mrs. Leidner's grade 3 class!
 KP basketball players teach science in Mrs. Moore's grade 3 class. 

 KP basketball players play a math game with Mrs. McFadden's grade 3 class!
 Fraction, Decimal, Percent Activity - Grade 6 Math 
Students in Mrs. Bosh's 6th grade math class are applying their content knowledge on fractions, decimals, and percents using conversational hearts! 

 Norfolk County Senior Citizen Volunteer Reading in the Library!
Mrs. Leinder's grade 3 class

 Reading ebooks on iPads in library!  Mr. Brogan's Class

Bucket Fillers of the Month for January and February!
We are so proud of their efforts!
Family Math Game Night
January 29, 2015

Have a wonderful February break with family and friends!
Lisa Altham-Hickey