Friday, October 3, 2014

September 2014 Welcome Back to School!

Science -Technology & Engineering
Grade 5 - Mrs. Horton's and Mrs. Grout's Class

Students in Mrs. Horton's and Mrs. Grout's classes made and tested their parachutes.

Students in Mrs. Horton's and Mrs. Grout's classes are 
tracing their shadows to learn about the earth's rotation. 

 Art Classes with Mrs. Mellick 
Celebrating International Dot Day!

Piper M., Oliva M., Brooke M., and Sydney O. from Mrs. Horton's class making dots collaboratively.

Mrs. Williamson's grade 5 class made a collaborative dot. 

Collaborative dot making in grade 5. Amazing!!!!

Grade 3 Art
Ben R. from Mrs. Teagues' class made an exploding dot.

Grade 6 
Making their mark for International Dot Day

Grade 3 Friendship Fence

Mrs. Mellick's Dots! Very Colorful!

Physical Education with Mr. De La Vega 

Library with Mrs. Lavallee
Summer book recommendations on the SmartBoard.

Students display their favorite books of the summer. 

Third graders are learning how to navigate the library media center by viewing a map.

Grade 3 Science 
Mrs. McFadden & Mrs. Trombert's Classes
Investigations - Origins of Seeds

Camp Bournedale - Grade 6
Adventure-Team Work

  Teamwork! Helping each other get over the wall! 

Everyone made it! Awesome job!
Learning how to use a compass. What direction are we going?

Coastal Ecology 
 What did we find in the ocean and marshes?


Have a wonderful weekend!